You just never know…

As it just so turns out today marks the 15th anniversary of my accident. It was August 5th, 1996, when a “catastrophic” automobile accident happened, forcing me to realize just how fragile life really is. Sometimes it takes quite a bit, like nearly dying say, to convince a knuckle-head like me just what he has. And, more importantly, what others don’t. Lessons earned and learned.

Point is, what better way could there be to mark such an occasion than to launch a brand new project? Especially one where it could potentially draw so many lessons from the situation I’ve found my self in ever since. I can’t think of any. (Bear in mind, I’ve not paid that thought any more energy than what I needed to compose the last couple of sentences.) And that’s what this is. My brand new endeavour.

In all honesty, this project isn’t really all that new. Or finished — in a presentational vain, at least (keep reading). I’ve been slowly — language is so powerful, I do mean slowly — working towards today since last October. When I bought this domain and commandeered this web space for precisely this project. Granted I haven’t been working on it solid since. I’ve been biding my time between various other interests, of which this project has been an important part of my focus, but not the exclusive recipient of my attention. I digress.

It’s been a busy year, thus far, and looking to get much busier. Such is life. Read “You just never know…” in its entirety

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