In an effort to keep the media organized, all the images I’ve put on this site appear on this page, plus where they appear in context elsewhere on this site. Thus that allows my images to appear under a media “directory” in the URL each image attachment page links to.

Here is a picture of me, reclining back in my wheelchair laughing hard, while wearing a clean shave, a black tee, and orange corduroy pants.
Look at me, maniacally laughing at something that hardly justifies such a reaction – guaranteed. (Photo credit: Shitty Sharer and his smelly phone.)
I'm front and centre at Accessibility Toronto Camp 2016, between a sign-language interpreter and the podium, with my laptop on my lap, speaking words on my behalf.
Behind me (I’m the one in the wheelchair) the Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) captioner is having trouble hearing my computer speaking this text. Seems a transcript could have been useful to them, had I provided it prior to starting. We’re all responsible for the accessibility of our content. I’m sorry Catherine. (Photo credit: Jonny James’ Twitter Feed.)

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